Skil 95105L Worm Drive Replacement Switch
Maintain your SKILSAW® worm drive saws for years of peak performance. Heavy duty 20-amp AC/DC switch extends the life of your worm drive saw.
SKILSAW 95104L Circular Saw Replacement Cord Assembly
Extend the life of your worm drive Saw. Replacement cord with heavy gauge for SKILSAW worm drive saws. 120 Volt cord maintains SKILSAW worm drive saws for years of peak performance.
SKILSAW SPT44-10 15 Amp Heavy-Duty Reciprocating Saw with Buzzkill Technology
The new 15 Amp Heavy-duty Reciprocating Saw delivers rugged, dependable performance unlike any recipe saw you've used before. Patented Buzzkill Technology stops vibration dead in its tracks. The full-frame, linear counterbalance stops vibration at the source, instead of moving it...
SKILSAW SPT44A-00 13 Amp Reciprocating Saw with Buzzkill Technology
The new SKILSAW 13 Amp Reciprocating Saw joins the legendary SKILSAW lineup to outperform any recip you've tried before. This saw features patented Buzzkil Technology, stopping vibration dead in its tracks and suppressing vibration up to 35% better than the...
SKILSAW SPT67M8-01 7 1/4 in. Magnesium Left Blade Side Winder
Introducing SOUTHPAW, the only All-Magnesium Left Blade SIDEWINDER Circular Saw. Made specifically for our saws and for pros like you, our best-in-class 15 Amp Dual-Field motor increases cooling and extends tool life. Rugged all-magnesium construction reduces weight and goes even...
SKILSAW SPT70V-11 Super Sawsquatch 16 5/16" Worm Drive Circular Saw
Super SAWSQUATCH is the new boss. The biggest worm drive saw on Earth tears through whatever you throw at it. This beast of a saw boasts a 6-1/4 In. cutting capacity to power through 6x in one easy cut. The...
SKILSAW SPT70WM-22 15 Amp Corded Electric 10 1/4 in. Magnesium SAWSQUATCH Worm Drive Circular Saw with 40-Tooth Diablo Carbide Blade
If you cut 4x, there's nothing like cutting it in 1 pass with this 10-1/4 in. SKILSAW worm drive saw. No matter what the material, this worm drive saw is built to be relentless with it's 15 Amp dual field...
SKILSAW SPT77WML-22 7 1/4 in. Lightweight Magnesium Worm Drive Circular Saw with Diablo Carbide Blade
Details INCLUDES:• SPT77WML Skilsaw 7-1/4" Worm Drive Saw• 7-1/4" 24-tooth Diablo Carbide Blade• Multi-functional wrench (stored in foot)FEATURES:• Lightweight magnesium construction (11.5 lbs. without blade, cord and wrench) reduces user fatigue for less down time• Dual-Field™ motor is especially designed...
SKILSAW SPT78MMC-22 15 Amp Corded Electric 7 1/4 in. Magnesium Worm Drive Circular Saw with 24-Tooth Carbide Tipped Diablo Blade
The original worm drives SKILSAW, lighter and better than ever. At 3 lbs. lighter than the previous incarnation, this saw is built with rugged magnesium. Unstoppable durability meets lightweight ease for long days and a motor that stays cooler for...
SKILSAW SPTH14 TRUEHVL 120-Volt-380-Watt Quick Charger
Charge like a pro. The TRUEHVL Quick Charger goes from zero to full charge in only 1-hour and features a fan to keep the battery cool while charging. LED indicators let you know the charging status and when the battery...
SKILSAW SPTH15 TRUEHVL 48V Lithium Ion Battery
TRUEHVL is the only battery technology that cuts it with Worm Drive. TRUEHVL is designed specifically to power Worm Drive and delivers the performance and power you demand. Patented Stay Cool technology wraps each cell with a temperature controlling material...
SKILSAW SPTH77M-12 TRUEHVL Worm Drive Lithium-Ion 7-1/4 in. Cordless Saw Kit with 24-Tooth Diablo Carbide Blade (5 Ah)
The first and only cordless Worm Drive saw gives you legendary SKILSAW power to go anywhere. Powered by the TRUEHVL battery, designed specifically for our legendary Worm Drive saw. The brushless motor responds to challenging applications by boosting power and...
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