CF2HC Vaughan 19 OZ Milled Face California Framer Curved Handle

  • The Vaughan 19 oz. California Framer Framing Hammer with Curved Handle is designed to work well on any framing job. It features a smooth-claw design that is borrowed from standard rip hammers and its large striking face, hatchet eye and curved handle are based on a rig builder's hatchet. The handle is made with high-quality, second-growth hickory and has a large cross section where it joins the head.

    • Ideal for framing jobs
    • Metal head on a hickory handle
    • Head is crafted from metal for durability
    • Extra-large milled face minimizes flying nails and slipping by gripping nail heads
    • Smooth-claw design taken from standard rip hammers
    • High-quality, hatchet-style hickory handle
    • Handle has a large cross section where it meets the head

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