KNIPEX 26 11 200 Heavy Duty Forged Steel 8 in Long Nose Cutting Pliers with 61 HRC Cutting Edge

Knipex Tools is the worlds largest manufacturer of professional pliers since 1882. Knipex Pliers, Cutters, Insulated Tools and other products have been the tools of choice for Professional Tradesmen and end users who are serious about their hand tools and demand industrial quality. Knipex Tools are made from start to finish utilizing the highest quality materials. Based in Germany, KNIPEX Tools are German engineered to produce a tool unmatched in the industry in terms of features, comfort, design and performance. KNIPEX Long Nose Side Cutting Pliers (Stork Beak Pliers) are forged from Vanadium steel and carefully hardened. The slim precision tips withstand high demands, particularly bending loads.
  • Snipe nose side cutting pliers also known as stork beak pliers
  • Precision tips snap back into place even after being twisted
  • Long nose is ideal for working in confined areas
  • Half-round, long jaws
  • Serrated gripping surfaces
  • Cutting edges for medium hard wire maximum diameter 3.2 mm and hard wire maximum diameter 2.2 mm
  • Cutting edges additionally induction hardened, cutting edge hardness approximately 61 HRC
  • Vanadium steel, oil-hardened and tempered
  • Even under extreme conditions and usage, Knipex pliers will not lose their shape and precise formation
  • Knipex lifetime warranty

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