Wera 05136602001 2021 24 Pc Advent Calendar

The Wera Advent calendar 2021 contains no fewer than 3 very special new products! The new magnetizer impresses with its attractive design. The 8/10 Joker double spanner completes many users' spanner collections. The mini bottle opener not only removes corks, it is also an eye-catching key chain.

In addition, 6x Bits-plus bit holders, 8x Micro screwdrivers and 3x screwdrivers and 1 VDE screwdrivers ensure a successful assortment that equips users very well for many common applications after Advent. The bits can be stored in the Bit-Check which is included and even fits in your pocket. All other tools can be stored and protected in the included textile box. The textile box has a hook & loop fastener zone on the outside and can be attached to a wall or the Wera 2go tool transport system thanks to the hook and loop fastener strip that is also included - super easy and removable.


1x Advent calendar 2021, 24 pieces
1x Joker double spanner, 8 + 10 x 141 mm
1x 350 S PH Phillips-head screwdriver with reduced handle diameter, PH 1x80
1x 355 S PZ Phillips-head screwdriver with reduced handle diameter, PZ 1x80
1x 335 Screwdriver for slotted screws, 0.6 x 3.5 x 100 mm
1x 160 i VDE Insulated screwdriver for slotted screws, 0.4 x 2.5 x 80 mm
2x 2050 PH Screwdriver for Phillips screws for electronic applications: PH 00x40, PH 0x40
4x 2067 TORX® Screwdriver for TORX® screws for electronic applications: TX 4x40, TX 5x40, TX 8x60, TX 6x40
2x 2035 Screwdriver for slotted screws for electronic applications: 0.40x2.5x80, 0.50x3.0x80
1x 899/4/1 K Universal Bit Holder, 1/4" x 50 mm
2x 851/1 BTZ bits: PH 1x25, PH 2x25
2x 855/1 BTZ bits: PZ 1x25, PZ 2x25
2x 867/1 BTZ TORX® bits: TX 20x25, TX 25x25
1x Bit-Check 7 BiTorsion, empty,
1x 9500 Magnetiser, 48.0
1x 9501 Mini bottle opener, 86
1x 9458 Folding bag Advent calendar 2021, 210.0x30.0x190.0
1x Hook and Loop Fastener Strips 30, 30.0x200.0

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