Occidental Leather 5055 Stronghold Suspension System Comfort Padded Suspenders
Extremely comfortable padded and contoured yoke relieves hips and lower back strain. This design keeps straps from wandering off your shoulders and distributes weight evenly. Yoke is lined with a special material that wicks away moisture. The leather loop attachment...
Occidental 5043K - Suspender Lock Kit
Kit comes with 2- Chicago Screws, 2 Leather washers, and instructions for use.
Occidental 5035 3” Ranger Work Belt
A quality ranger style 3” work belt. Equipped with a 2” wide heavy leather tongue and a nickel plated steel roller buckle. Constructed entirely of the highest quality 12-14 oz. bridle leather to provide support and comfort. Edge stitched for...
from $78.02
Occidental Leather 5590 Commercial Electricians Tool Belt Bag Set
A complete all leather belt set for the commercial electrician. Efficient, hand specific tool and fastener organization, function engineered. The leather NoSpill™ tool holders form to your tools and give years of durable service. For the journeyman that requires the...
from $319.54
Occidental Leather 5089 Seven-Bag Framer Tool Belt Made in USA
The most pouches offered in the Pro Leather Series™. The 5089 set is the foundation in terms of design. Left side fastener has one extra bag for maximum fastener capacity. The Pro Leather™ Series is constructed of premium top grain cow hides...
from $323.57
Occidental Leather 5518 No Slap Hammer Holder
All leather hammer/tool holder with a long sleeve design to prevent tools and handles from swinging and "knee-capping". Also accommodates hammer tackers and flat bars up to 1 ⅝" diameter. Accepts up to a 3" wide belt. Made in the...
Occidental 5046 Large Clip-On Tape Holster
At last! A clip on tape holster that withstands the test of time, use and abuse of field applications. Holds a 35' Fat Max®. Features a proprietary extra long and wide clip that refuses to bail under any conditions. Heirloom...
Occidental Leather B8080DB OxyLights™ Framer Set w/ Double Outer Bags - Black
Same features as 5080DB tool belt, except constructed of black industrial nylon. Designed by and for the professional builder, this traditional tool belt set is fine-tuned for optimum efficiency and comfort. Leather and industrial nylon intelligently combined to lighten the builder’s load....
from $283.86
Occidental Leather 1546 Stronghold Lights Suspenders
Ultra-light industrial nylon suspension set features pockets at chest height for pencils or clip-on items. Extremely comfortable and even weight distribution. Heavy duty spring clips snap on and off. The leather loop attachment system for up to a 3" tool...
Occidental Leather 5588 Stronghold Master Carpenter Tool Case MADE IN USA
An industrial work of art. Handcrafted leather handle “molds” to your grip. This eight by fourteen inch tool carrier features 3 compartments with 45 pockets and tool holders. Innovative upright storage for quick access. The 5588 - Stronghold® Master Carpenter...
Occidental Leather B5080DB Black Pro Framer Tool Bag Set
For more than 29 years, the Pro Framer™ has been the benchmark by which all other tool belts have been measured. Designed by and for the professional carpenter, this traditional belt set is fine-tuned for optimum efficiency and comfort. The...
from $316.92
Occidental Leather B5018DB 11-Pocket Right Hand All Leather Black Pro Tool Bag
One of the most popular tool bags now available in black leather. Features double outer bags and holders for pencils, work knife, lumber crayon, chisel, torpedo level, hammer and a holster for tapes up to 35’. Specifications: Pockets & Tool...
Occidental Leather 8585 Heritage Fatlip Tool Bag
A new, unique design for production carpenters. These bags are 10" deep and feature a full leather boot along with a distinctive leather FatLip™ bag mouth. The leather FatLip™ keeps the bag formed, open, and protected against abrasion. The FatLip™...
from $332.24
Occidental Leather 6101 Pro Trimmer™ Fastener Bag
Compact design is ideal for trim and finish work but also suitable for light framing. Holders for 2 nail sets or driver bits, 1” blade square, cat’s paw sleeve. Angle square holster not included. Specifications: Pockets & Tool Holders: 8 Weight: 1.5...
Occidental Leather 5530 Stronghold Big Oxy™ Set
Design is everything in this set! These bags are most definitely the BIGGEST bags we have ever offered. Strictly made for hard working professionals who do not buy on price, but demand world famous heritage quality Occidental products. The round...
from $390.71
Occidental Leather 8003 3" Leather Industrial Nylon Tool Belt
Extremely Comfortable 3” wide padded Industrial nylon work belt with a heavy 2” leather tongue and nickel plated steel roller buckle. Specifications: Available in Sizes: SM - XXL Made in the USA
Occidental Leather 5087 Framing Tool Belt Set
This Framing Tool Belt Set is ideal for the carpenter that prefers the tape holder on the left side. The Pro Leather™ Series is constructed of premium top grain cow hides tanned to stringent specifications with a special blend of...
from $308.45
Occidental Leather 5520 5 in 1 Tool Holder
5-in-1 holder provides 5 times the tool capacity in the belt space of one holder. Offers holders for hammer, lumber crayon or screw driver, pliers, pencil, plus, it features a FREE 2003 Oxy Tool Shield™ for sharp tools such as...
Occidental 5040 - Clip-On Hammer Holder
Quality leather & steel hammer holder. Allows quick on and off installation, anytime, anywhere. Made in USA!
Occidental Leather 5013 Leather Plier Cutter Shear Tool Holder Holster
Specifically designed to accommodate most pliers and side cutters. Ideal for Felco and other pruning shears. Specifications: Dimensions: 2.75" x 5.5" Weight: 0.3 lbs. Made in the USA
Occidental Leather 5010 Leather Utility Snap
1” wide leather loop supports a safety release snap. Great for saw keys, wrench, etc. Position your most frequently used tools within easy reach. Made in the USA
Back Details Klein 5139 Specs:•  Height: 7" (178 mm)•  Length: 12-1/2" (318 mm)Klein 5139 Features:•  No. 10 canvas bag with strong zipper. •  Convenient storage for pliers, wrenches, and other tools.
$14.00 $9.49
Occidental Leather 1019 All Leather Shoulder Strap Made in USA IN STOCK
Handcrafted all leather shoulder strap. Compliments our IronMouth™ carry bags and then some. Great for the seasoned traveler who wants an heirloom quality shoulder strap. Features adjustable shoulder pad and high quality swivel steel clips for ease of removal and...
Occidental Leather 2535 Leather Builders Vest Compact Tool Carrying System
Compact vest tool carrying system, loaded with tool holders and pockets. Comes with one 2003 Pocket Shield™ (for sharp knife or chisel)! Can be worn as an independent vest tool carry system. Ideal organization; ergonomic design, even load distribution, total freedom of...

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