366 Piece Grade 10.9 Metric Flange Bolt & Flange Lock Nut Assortment Kit Black - Gray


Metric Hex Flange Bolts Hardened Class 10.9 and Flange Lock Nut Assortment Black Phos & OilIncludes 24 Hole Welded Steel Compartment Tray!

Quantity & Sizes Included:
Hex Flange Bolts CL10.9 DIN 6921 Black
10mm Hex; 14.20mm Flange Diameter Max

(30) M6-1.0x12
(20) M6-1.0x20
(20) M6-1.0x25
(15) M6-1.0x30
(12) M6-1.0x35

13mm Hex; 18mm Flange Diameter Max
(20) M8-1.25x20
(16) M8-1.25x25
(14) M8-1.25x30
(12) M8-1.25x35
(10) M8-1.25x40

15mm Hex; 22.30mm Flange Diameter Max
(12) M10-1.5x20
(8) M10-1.5x25
(8) M10-1.5x30
(6) M10-1.5x35
(5) M10-1.5x40

16mm Hex; 26.60mm Flange Diameter Max
(5) M12-1.75x25
(5) M12-1.75x30
(5) M12-1.75x40
(4) M12-1.75x45
(3) M12-1.75x50

Hex Flange Prevailing Torque Lock Nuts DIN 6927

(50) M6-1.0  (10mm Hex; 14.20mm Flange Diameter Max)
(40) M8-1.25  (13mm Hex; 17.90mm Flange Diameter Max)
(30) M10-1.5  (15mm Hex; 21.80mm Flange Diameter Max)
(15) M12-1.75  (18mm Hex; 26mm Flange Diameter Max)


1 -  Gray - Cold Rolled Steel Individual Small Scoop Box, 13-3/8" Width x 2" Height x 9-1/4" Depth, 24 Compartment Tray Box

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