Knipex Tools 86 43 250 US 10" Pliers Wrench with Angled Handles 15° angled


Tongue and groove pliers are also known as water pump pliers, adjustable pliers, groove-joint pliers, and arc-joint pliers. Product specs for this nan include the following: OVERALL LENGTH: 10", MATERIAL: Chrome Vanadium Electric Steel, FINISH: Chrome Plated (Pliers), Plastic Coated (Handles)

Box Joint, Replaces Inch and Metric Open End Wrenches, Use For Gripping, Holding, Pressing, and Bending Applications, Zero Backlash Jaw Surface Pressure Prevents Damage to Edges of Sensitive Components, Push Button Adjustment, Jaw Action Allows Tightening and Releasing Quickly Using Ratcheting Principle, Lever Transmission Greater Than 10 to 1 for Strong Gripping Power

  • Replaces the need for sets of metric and imperial Spanners
  • Smooth jaws for damage free installation of plated fittings - working directly on chrome
  • 15° angled Pliers handle provides space for counter screw connections or bolted fittings on surfaces

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